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Adding beautiful pieces to your home is easy in Pennington, NJ. Barn Picks & Stuff provides rustic farmhouse décor that will add style to your home. Our designer has over 15 years of experience and a keen eye for detail. We're here to help if you're having trouble decorating your home yourself. You can count on us to make your home look amazing.

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You can find almost anything you need for your home at Barn Picks & Stuff, in a variety of colors, sizes and configurations. Whether you're decorating your kitchen, bathroom, dining room or living room, we've got the special pieces you need to enliven it.

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It can be hard to find a dining table that fits your needs and matches your style. We create custom dining room tables that are just right for you. Your new table will not only look great, it will also fit in your dining room perfectly. And thanks to the quality materials and construction, your new table will last a lifetime. Why not elevate your living space? YOLO

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